September 4, 2011
Why Michelle Bachmann is a Dangerous Threat

Michelle Bachmann is bat shit crazy. It has been reported that once in mid-rant during a stint in the Minnesota state legislature a democratic senator covered his microphone with his hand and asked her, “Do you really believe any of this shit?”

I am afraid the frightening truth is that she does and so do most of her fan base. There is also a strong possibility because of the many crazy things that come spewing forth from her mouth that many of my colleagues on the political left and in the mainstream are in danger of underestimating her. Never underestimate your opponent. That is a fatal mistake.In our hyper media age political and religious vitriol is at an all time high and so many easily dismiss someone as an idiot or moron simply because of the things they believe.

Here is the thing. Crazy people are not always stupid, and in fact intelligence is often a key component of this affliction. Many intelligent people get sucked into irrational beliefs that are not supported by evidence at hand. That is a sign of faulty thinking but necessarily of a lack of intelligence.

Bachmann is a political and social threat. She is educated, attractive, intelligent, religious and principled (please don’t confuse the later with your version of morality). And she is quite popular among religious conservatives, many who quite clearly seem to buy into the senator’s beliefs and subsequent agenda.

The woman is outrageous and cruel. She is the epitome of what Francis Schaeffer meant when he said, “Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is cruelty.” I will take this one step further and submit that Michelle Bachmann underscores the danger of religion in a post modern age. Bachmann’s religion is an unbending orthodoxy of the irrational.

Most of us, me included, don’t believe that she will get the Republican nomination. If she did it would definitely be a sign that the conservative powers that be have finally lost their fucking minds. My personal prediction is that Mitt is finally going to get the nomination. He is the sane choice. But, then sanity has not been the operative word for conservatives since the days following 9/11.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if she gets anywhere near the White House except as part of a tour group. Her antics and her over-the-top delivery have changed indelibly the direction of American politics forever. Any future Republican, moderate or libertarian leaning presidential candidate is going to have to capitulate to the Christian religious right in order to be successful in their bid for our nation’s top job (a job you’d have to be at least half crazy for wanting in the first place.)

What makes Bachmann and her type so dangerous is that they derail any attempt at recovery our president and Congress are attempting to affect. Obama was elected primarily because of the economy. The mid-terms swung back in favor of conservatives because of the economy. And yet, we are making little economic progress. The latest reports at the end of August show the unemployment rate at 9.1%. Granted the Verizon workers strike slightly inflates that number, but not by much.

The economy needs to be our focus. Instead we are mired deeply in a decades old culture war that has been waged by religious conservatives in this country who have traded their spirituality in for a bigoted and irrational religious agenda. Sadly, until we resolve this culture dispute or somehow silence the dissenting voices of religious ne’er-do-wells we will be stuck in the trenches of a war that focuses on eliminating women’s reproductive rights and equal rights under the law for gay men and women…among other things.

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