April 8, 2011
The Tears of Lucifer - A Gospel of Light

The Rape of Eve

Among the secrets that the fallen Lucifer knows is the nature of god. The god of this world is named Samael and he is an imposter who not only created this world of artificial light, but created the human beings who bear his image. Once free from the light of Samael – the demiurge, as Gnostics refer to him, Lucifer became aware of the truth. It was Lucifer who first dreamt of redemption. It was he who first brought salvation to the man and woman in paradisiacal garden between the Tigris and Euphrates.

Lucifer enters the garden seeking to befriend the innocent humanity and free them from their enslavement to Samael. But, when Lucifer beheld Eve he was overcome by her beauty. She shone brightly and reminded the fallen heavenly being of the presence of his beloved. Lucifer sought to possess her; to consume her. His lust overcame his good intentions and he laid down with Eve making love to her. Sadly, for Eve she was so innocent that she did not have the understanding that she had been raped.

Overwhelmed with grief and guilt Lucifer presented to her a pomegranate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and begged her to eat. Eve tasted the fruit and her eyes opened knowing the full import of what had been done to her. Lucifer bowed before Eve on his knees demanding that she take her revenge. But, Eve – being the spiritual half of humanity’s soul forgave Lucifer and asked him what had brought him to paradise.

“To give you knowledge,” He said.

Embarrassed by the young innocent’s nakedness Lucifer left the garden and returned with the finest of clothes – raiment’s fit for a queen. Eve and Lucifer sat in each other’s presence for eons while Lucifer shared the gift of knowledge. Meanwhile, Eve’s husband Adam skulked by unaware that his wife had taken a lover.

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